Soon you will have reached the final goals of your promotion. The last steps will not be difficult, if you follow this plan:

Schedule for the admission to the promotion
1. Please submit 3 copies of your doctoral thesis (plus 1 digital version on CD or USBstick,
if you study according to the new promotion regulations) to the Office of the
Doctoral Examination Board and complete the form “Application form admission PhD”.
(Download on the geo homepage: Education/Doctoral Program Geosciences/Forms and
Documents). The following details are required: Topic of the thesis, topic of the
colloquium (it must distinguish from the thesis’ topic and be formulated more
generally), first reviewer, second reviewer.
The Office of the Doctoral Examination Board will keep one copy for public display within the
University and forward the reviewer’s copies with the request to complete their reviews within
6 weeks.

2. In the reviewing period, you are requested to plan your colloquium in agreement with
your reviewers. Please propose date and time (the earliest possible date can be 5 days
after the doctoral examination board meeting) of the colloquium and inform us about
your examining committee.
It should consist of six persons:
1. First reviewer
2. Second reviewer
3. A professor of the faculty of geosciences
4. A further professor or a postdoctoral research fellow
5. /6. Two other members of the University of Bremen and among these one student (Bachelor
or Master)
(e. g. non-professorial academic staff, students of higher semesters)
Substitutes (3 persons)
7. One professor of Faculty 5 Geosciences
8. One member of the non-professorial academic staff of Bremen University
9. One student (Bachelor or Master)
 in total 9 persons
The members of the examining committee preferably should belong to different research
Please submit the names of the suggested committee members including their email
addresses to the Office of the Doctoral Examination Board (steinfeld at the
latest 10 days before the next Doctoral Examination Board meeting.

3. Kindly book the lecture hall for the planned date
(Angelika Rinkel, phone: 0421/218-65051)
If both reviews and the details on the examining committee members arrive at the Office of the
Doctoral Examination Board at the latest 10 days prior to the next Doctoral Examination Board
meeting, the Board will decide on the admission to the PhD colloquium. After the Board
meeting the examining committee members will immediately be invited for the colloquium. The
invitation will be published on the notice board of the GEO building and at the AWI
Bremerhaven. Moreover, it will be posted on the GEO homepage.

4. The PhD colloquium will take place as planned.
After the PhD colloquium has taken place, the examining committee will submit a written
report to the Doctoral Examination Board stating whether the PhD student is to receive a
doctorate and – if applicable – the grade. Sometimes the committee decides on a revision of
the thesis.
In the following Doctoral Examination Board meeting, the Board decides on the proposition of
the examining committee (if there are no further decisions on the revision of the doctoral
thesis). Afterwards, you will receive a written confirmation on your degree.

5. The Doctoral Degree Certificate will be delivered when the doctoral thesis has been
published or when its publication will be guaranteed. Please submit your published
thesis to the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (for online publication: 3 copies, see
Please hand in the SuUB’s confirmation on the thesis submission and 3 copies of the
published doctoral thesis (1 copy if the thesis was accepted without revision
requirements) to the Office of the Doctoral Examination Board.
The Doctoral Degree Certificate will then be issued and can be collected 2 – 3 weeks later in
the office of Susanne Steinfeld or will be handed by the supervisor (if requested) of can be
sent by post.
The title “doctor” can only be used after receipt of the doctoral certificate.
P. S.: Doctoral students of the graduate school are requested to submit their short
report before the completion of the examination procedure.