Graduate Training

Guidelines for the doctoral defense at the FB 5 (Geosciences)

The purpose of the doctoral defense (Promotionskolloquium) is to present your doctoral research project in a wider context to a professional audience. This is followed by a profound discussion of the subject. The title of the talk should reflect the broader aspects of the research project. The talk and subsequent discussion are open to members of the university.

The lecture needs to be organized in such a way that the first third introduces the scientific question and its background. This is followed by a presentation of methods and strategies, which were applied during the investigation. In the main part of the lecture the scientific results of the research project should be presented and discussed considering the state-of-art of the respective research field. Following that, the lecture is summarized and an outlook given, which should integrate your own scientific contribution into the overall scientific understanding. The lecture should take 30 minutes.

During the discussion aspects of the lecture can be further explored. Besides direct questions to the lecture the PhD candidate should be given the opportunity to represent his/her results and professional knowledge in a greater scientific context. The duration of the discussion is generally 30 minutes.

In order to give the Board of Examiners the opportunity to prepare for the lecture and discussion, the candidate is responsible to provide each with a copy of the dissertation. An electronic copy (PDF) is sufficient.