Master Program Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy

Before applying please study the

admission regulations.

Application Procedure

For the master program Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy you have to apply

online on the application portal MOIN

until 28th of February. We accept beginners only for the winter semester.
Application is also possible if you a) have not yet completed your bachelor`s degree, but have already acquired 100 of 180 CPs, and/or b) have not yet acquired the English language certificate. Missing language proficiency proofs and bachelor degree certificates can be handed in until the end of the second week of the lecture period after having started studying.
Only in case of admission you have to hand in certified copies at the admission department (SfS-I).

Questions regarding your application status, notice of receipts, etc., address to Secretariat for Students - International (SfS-I), contact form, questions concerning requirements will be answered on:


  • Bachelor of Science (180 ECTS CP) in Chemistry, Materials Science or a geoscientific major with the core subject Crystallography or Mineralogy
  • at least 10 ECTS CP in maths, physics and chemistry (each)
  • at least 24 ECTS CP in mineralogy, crystallography, materials science, and/or in chemistry (in addition, s. before)
  • passing the specific aptitude test
  • very good command of English (level B2.2)
  • explicit interest in natural science and materials, their use, characterization and development
  • ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • intercultural competence

Application Documents

  • application of admission (to be filled in online, printed and signed)
  • curriculum vitae in a tabular form
  • bachelor degree, if already completed, + other university degree certificates (if any)
  • current transcript of records (all modules/courses taken with grades and study points/CP) with at least 100 ECTS CPs
  • English proficiency proof of level B2.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (s. link on the right). For those, who have acquired their university entrance qualification or another university degree in English do not need to submit the language proof.
  • evidence of relevant professional or non-professional skills and experience, if any

Aptitude Test Master Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy

All applicants whose application appears formally and specifically suitable take part in the aptitude test. The test takes place on a fixed date in March or April, to which all suitable applicants are invited in good time. The test is offered both, at the University of Bremen and at test centers in various countries. In 2021, test participation will take place online.
The test must be passed to complete the application successfully. In addition, the score achieved in the test is included in the applicant ranking for the selection of study places. More information on the aptitude test will shortly be available


Documents needed for Enrollment

Enrollment in the Master's program must have taken place at the latest 2 weeks after the start of the lecture period. By then, all documents must have been received by the SfS-I (Secretariat for Students - International, address s. right frame). Only the Bachelor's degree certificate may be submitted by the end of the calendar year. You will need the following enrollment-relevant documents:

  • copies of all application documents uploaded in MOIN (copies of official documents must be officially certified and in German or English)
  • possibly still missing completed transcript of records of the bachelor studies or other proof of successful completion of the bachelor degree
  • possibly still missing language certificates
  • declaration of acceptance for the study place (signed by you)
  • payment receipt semester fees
  • insurance certificate from a German or European health insurance company

Application for Advanced Students

If you have already completed Master`s level studies (at least 10 ECTS CP) and these are creditable in our Master`s program, then you can apply as an advanced student. You will have to follow the same application procedure, observe the same deadlines and fulfill all requirements as first-year students. Only the proof of creditable studies at Master`s level must still be added to the application.
Advanced students will also be admitted for the summer semester. The application deadline is January 15 of each calendar year. If the Master`s program to which you are applying is admission restricted, the proof of creditable studies must be received by the application deadline. If the Master`s program for which you are applying is admission-free, then it is sufficient to provide the proof of creditable achievements by March 31.
In any case, you should seek advice before applying.

Contact advisory office