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    Open Day in the Geosciences Collection

    A fascinating insight into past worlds will be provided by the Open Day of the Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen on Saturday 23 November from 11 to 17 o´clock in the MARUM (Leobener Str. 8). Visitors can marvel at the large selection of minerals, rocks and fossils. In addition to guided tours, there is a colourful supporting programme with lectures, exhibitions, a tombola and the shark tooth sieving popular with children. Admission is free.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

    Vielen Dank, liebe Frau Trage !

    Zum Jahresende wird Frau Heidemarie Trage, die langjährige Verwaltungsleiterin unseres Fachbereichs, in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand gehen. Frau Trage kam bereits 1991 als Sachbearbeiterin für Haushalt und Prüfung in den damals erst fünf Jahre alten Fachbereich und bezog Quartier im gerade neuentstandenen GEO1-Gebäude. Nach der Beförderung zur Ersten Sachbearbeiterin in 2000 wurde ihr 2005 die Verwaltungsleitung übertragen. Im Laufe ereignisreiche Jahre war sie durch Einsatz und Zuverlässigkeit dem wachsenden Fachbereich Rückhalt und wertvoller Partner in zahlreichen Umgestaltungsprozessen. Das Dekanat und der gesamte Fachbereich danken Frau Trage für die treue und engagierte Unterstützung. Wir werden Ihr freundliches und besonnenes Wesen vermissen und wünschen ihr alles Beste für den nächsten Lebensabschnitt. Wer sich persönlich von Frau Trage verabschieden möchte, sollte beachten, dass der 9.12. ihr letzter Arbeitstag sein wird.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

    The new Faculty Brochure is printed!

    The printed information brochure of our Geosciences Faculty appeared last in 2012 and has been out of stock for some time. Thanks to much highly appreciated support from our sections and professorships and great efforts by Heike Piero, a new edition with up-to-date information and hundreds of new and attractive illustrations could be reprinted.
    The print version is now on shelf at our faculty administration and will be mailed to all our section heads for further distribution. An electronic pdf version is available for download at our website´s "Public > Information Materials" submenu. ... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

    1st Geo-Lecture WS19/20

    Mark van Zuilen, IPGP Paris: Traces of life in ancient silica deposits

    The first of four talks in our Geo-Lecture Series in this semester will be presented by Mark van Zuilen from the IPGP in Paris. He will talk about some of the challenges of identifying fossils of the earliest forms of life in Archaean silica deposits and share insights into this existing topic from recent field and experimental work funded by the ERC.The lecture will be at 12:15 pm on November 27th in the large lecture hall (Geo1550). Abstract of the talk:... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

    Frank Oliver Glöckner ist new AWI cooperation professor

    He represents the discipline of "Earth-System Data Sciences"

    On November 1, 2019, Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner was appointed as professor for "Earth-System Data Sciences" at the Faculty of Geosciences of the University of Bremen. The appointment was made jointly with the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.
    Frank Oliver Glöckner is an internationally renowned researcher and expert for environmental and genomic data, who has made central contributions to scientific data infrastructures in Earth system research for many years.
    After his studies and doctorate in microbial ecology at the Technical University of Munich, Frank Oliver Glöckner moved to the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen. Here he led a project group on microbial genomics and became head of the research group "Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics". Since 2010, he has held a professorship for bioinformatics at Jacobs University Bremen.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz

    Thomas Laepple appointed as AWI cooperation professor

    His discipline at the FB5 is "Earth System Diagnostics"

    On November 1, 2019, Dr. Thomas Laepple was appointed Professor in the field of "Earth System Diagnostics" at the Faculty of Geosciences of the University of Bremen. He was also appointed jointly with the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.
    Thomas Laepple is an internationally recognized climate researcher who innovatively combines Earth system modelling, palaeoclimate research and statistical data analysis to use data from the geological past for a better understanding of the climate processes of the present and the future.
    After graduating from the University of Hamburg with a diploma in physics, Laepple received his doctorate in physics from the University of Bremen. He did research at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven and at Harvard University and has been head of a Helmholtz Young Investigator Group at the AWI in Potsdam since 2013. In 2017 he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Michal Kucera

    GIF Young Scientists’ Meeting

    German-Israel-Foundation hosts meeting at FB 5 / MARUM

    The German-Israel-Foundation (GIF) will host a meeting of young scientists under the motto "Going Down Into the Abyss: Ocean-Floor Processes, Deep Life, and Climate Archives" at the University of Bremen from 28 to 30 October. ... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

    Deans hand over the baton

    After four event- and successful years in office, our dean Prof. Michal Kucera hands over the baton to his deputy, the newly elected dean Prof. Wolfgang Bach on October 1st 2019 to officiate as vice dean for another year. Likewise, Prof. Cornelia Spiegel-Behnke steps us as new dean of studies in succession of Dr. Torsten Bickert, who, as future deputy, will stay responsible for the reform and reaccreditation of the geoscientific study programs.

    We all thank our reshuffled deans for their great and important engagement and wish them good luck, fair winds and following seas for their future endeavors!... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

    Orientation Week 2019

    07th - 11th of October, 2019

    Welcome to our new Bachelor and Master students. In the week from 07th to 11th of October we offer you different orientation and gathering events...... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Dissertation mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen

    Antonia Ruppel hat ihre an der Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) und der Universität Bremen verfaßte Dissertation „A multi-method approach to study the geodynamic evolution of eastern Dronning Maud Land in East Antarctica by integrating geophysical data with surface geology“ mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen. Die Dissertation besteht aus neun Einzelpublikation als Erst- oder Co-Autorin sowie einer Synopsis, in denen Antonia Aufbau und geologische Entwicklung von Sør Rondane, einer aufgrund logistischer Einschränkungen nur wenig untersuchten Region im östlichen Dronning Maud Land/ Antarktis, untersucht. (only available in German)... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Frank Lisker

    Einführung in das Studium der Geowissenschaften – Vom Kies zum Kontinent

    Der Fachbereich Geowissenschaften lädt seine StudienanfängerInnen zum Workshop „Vom Kies zum Kontinent“ herzlich ein. Studierende, Lehrende und Absolventen möchten im Rahmen des dreitägigen Projekts gemeinsam mit den StudienfängerInnen ins Gelände fahren, Probenmaterial sammeln und anschließend im Labor arbeiten, Daten gewinnen und diskutieren. Dabei kommen typische geowissenschaftlichen Methoden zum Einsatz und werden erste geowissenschaftlichen Kenntnisse erworben. Der Workshop „Vom Kies zum Kontinent“ wird aus Mitteln des Programms ForstA für bessere Studienbedingungen und mehr Qualität in der Lehre gefördert. (only available in German)... more

    Publisher: Dr. Barbara Ventura

    Best Thesis Awards 2019

    The Department of Geosciences will again award prizes for the best theses this year. The award recognizes outstanding theses in our Bachelor and Master Geosciences, Marine Geosciences and Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy programs. Details on nominations, applications and awards can be found on the following websites....... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Geoscientific colloquium on July 3rd, 2019

    The next talk of the geoscientific colloquium in the summer term 2019 takes place on Wednesday July 3rd at 12:15 in the lecture hall of the GEO building. Prof. Dr. Martin Fleckenstein will speak about "Die stille Revolution – wie ein paläozoischer Tonstein die Welt veränderte". ... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel

    ¡Bienvenida Elda!

    We welcome Dr. Elda Miramontes García who joined the Faculty of Geosciences as new junior professor in the field of sedimentology.

    Dr. Miramontes’ main scientific interest lies in the sedimentary systems of the deep sea with particular focus on the influence of bottom currents on depositional processes. She follows an interdisciplinary approach integrating sediment-core analysis with geomorphic and oceanographic datasets as well as hydrodynamic models. We wish Elda continued success for her future at the University of Bremen and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.... more

    Publisher: Dr. Lena Steinmann

    Geoscientific colloquium on June 12th, 2019

    The next talk of the geoscientific colloquium in the summer term 2019 takes place on Wednesday June 12th at 12:15 in the lecture hall of the GEO building. Prof. Dr. Joachim Blankenburg will speak about "Einfluss der extensiven landwirtschaftlichen Nutzung von Niedermooren auf Torf- und Muddeeigenschaften und auf die Freisetzung klimarelevanter Gase". ... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel

    Geoscientific colloquium on May 29th, 2019

    The next talk of the geoscientific colloquium in the summer term 2019 takes place on Wednesday May 29th at 12:15 in the lecture hall of the GEO building. Prof. Dr. Karin Zonneveld will speak about "The fate of marine particulate matter - what Palynology can tell about production, transport and degradation/preservation of organic particles in the ocean". ... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel

    Geoscientific colloquium on May 22nd, 2019

    The next talk of the geoscientific colloquium in the summer term 2019 takes place on Wednesday May 22nd at 12:15 in the lecture hall of the GEO building. Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann will speak about "Möglichkeiten, Komplexität und Grenzen palökologischer Rekonstruktion - ein Beispiel aus der frühen Kreide Westfalens". ... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel

    Open Campus: Open Worlds - Share Knowledge

    The University of Bremen invites interested people in and around Bremen to an OPEN CAMPUS day on June 15, 2019 from 2 p.m. to midnight.

    Come and visit us in our pagoda in the Campus-Park on the topic "Volcanism in Germany, insights from the Departm. of Geosciences" or visit the pagoda of the geoscientific collection "Expedition into prehistoric times - marine fossils from the desert", accompanied by the lecture "How does the Ammonite occur in the Nevada Desert? An adventure report". For young scientists we offer in and between the pagodas an experiment to the volcanic eruption, a fossil casting- and a microscopy station. We are looking forward to your visit. All events are free.... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    ISI - Information on Study Programs

    Are you interested in studying Geosciences? Visit us on May 15, 2019, the ISI - information day for prospective students. Our students are ready to advise you on the information desk in the building GW2 on campus or you visit our information talks at the Department of Geosciences. For details, see here. ... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Informationsaustausch mit Alumni des Fachgebietes Geochemie

    Das Fachgebiet Geochemie und Hydrogeologie freut sich, drei ehemalige Master-Studierende am 7.5., 21.5. und 25.6.2019 bei uns im Institut zu begrüßen, wobei auch Zeit für Gespräche und Diskussionen mit allen interessierten Studierenden eingeplant ist. ... more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel