Quality Management

General information

The quality management (QM) for teaching and learning at the Department of Geosciences (FB 5) is based on the principles of the Bremen Higher Education Act, conforms to the QM statutes of the University of Bremen and takes into account the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance. It builds on the previous QM concept at FB 5 and extends or supplements it with the QM principles newly defined in the context of the system accreditation of the University of Bremen.

Quality goals

The quality goals at FB 5 are based on the mission statement for teaching and studies of the University of Bremen. The overriding goal of teaching is the education of graduates who can succeed in their future careers with the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Quality goals for all study programs conducted at FB 5 include a contemporary range of courses, the studyability and teaching quality of the courses offered, and the sustainability of teaching.

Structure of the quality management at FB 5

QM at FB 5 serves to ensure efficient and sustainable teaching with appropriate teaching content, methods and structures. It is based on a cycle that ensures the quality and further development of teaching and studies through the following processes: observation (collection of characteristic data), identification of possible problems (interpretation of characteristic data / error and cause analysis), definition of the need for change and determination of possible measures, implementation of the measures and review.
The most important actors of the QM in FB 5 are

Dean of Study Affairs

, referees of the

Consultancy for study affairs and career perspectives


Advisory Board for Study Affairs

. For concrete measures, the Advisory Board for Study Affairs is networked with other committees and actors such as examination boards, the departmental council and the dean.