Master Program Marine Geosciences - Master Thesis

Information on thesis

You start to develop a topic for your master thesis after the second semester, usually in close collaboration with a working group at the Department of Geosciences or with one of the cooperating research institutes. The topic should deal with a current problem, which is not yet fully documented in the literature. In the third semester research seminar, the thesis` topic should be clarified at the latest. The fourth semester is dedicated to the thesis work. Under the guidance of a supervisor, each student conducts an independent scientific project.

The thesis can be carried out on field studies, laboratory experiments or projects outside the university, for example in cooperation with the industry. Part of the master thesis are literature research, data preparation and interpretation, modeling and simulation (optional), and finally writing the report.

The master thesis is evaluated by two supervisors, where upon the first one usually takes a closer look on the development. In a concluding colloquium, the student presents and defends his / her work. The colloquium lasts about 45-60 minutes.

Check List

  • Find a topic and specify during the Research Seminar (3rd semester)
  • Find a supervisor (possible: extern experts; if intern: usually the 1rst evaluating supervisor)
  • Find 2 evaluating supervisors (only teachers of Dept. GEO, but from different research groups)
  • 75 CP required before starting
  • Apply 2 weeks before starting at the examination office, s. downloads
  • Duration: 22 weeks
  • Extension: only possible once, for 4 weeks, after application
  • Submit 3 print copies with the declaration (s. downloads) attached in each and 1 digital version at the examination office
  • Evaluation reports must be present after max. 8 weeks
  • Arrange the colloquium date with your supervisors, reserve a room (consultancy for study affairs and career perspectives)
  • 2 weeks before: register for the colloquium at the examination office (s. downloads)
  • Colloquiums date: bring the minutes form from examination office
  • Failed? The master thesis can be retried once with a different topic.