Best Thesis Award in Marine Geosciences

Best Thesis Award

The Department of Geosciences of the University of Bremen announces the ‘Best Thesis Award in Marine Geosciences’. The award is to honor outstanding theses in our international M. Sc. program Marine Geosciences.

The prize was established as an element of the department's internationalization efforts. The Department of Geosciences at the University of Bremen is the sole holder of the 'Best Thesis Award in Marine Geosciences'.


The prize is awarded annually for the best Master's thesis completed in a given academic year. The award is currently endowed with 300 € and it can be shared. In addition to the scholarly merit of the work for marine geosciences, the international context and the international orientation of the thesis will be considered in the evaluation. The award is intended to support the scientific career of the awardees.

Application and Nomination

Applications are accepted by the Dean of the Department of Geosciences by 30th of September of each calendar year. Nominations can be made either by teachers of the M.Sc. program or by the students themselves. The application consists of an electronic version (pdf) of the thesis, a CV of the applicant and a 1-page recommendation letter from one of the thesis supervisors.

The presentation of the ‘Best Thesis Award in Marine Geosciences’ takes place during the annual graduation ceremony of the Department of Geosciences in early December.