Online Aptitude Test

for Admission to the MSc Program "Marine Geosciences"

Why do we conduct an aptitude test in the application process?

Our faculty´s international MSc programs are open and without tuition for students of all countries. To be able to identify and accept the most capable and motivated candidates for the available study places, we want to assess their program-specific geoscientific competences based on common, objective, and internationally comparable criteria. By individually and honestly solving this aptitude test form to the best of your abilities, you enable us to select out future students in a fair, non-discriminatory, competitive, confidential and legally appropriate way. According to the admission regulations, the certificate of a successfully completed aptitude test is a necessary part to complete the application for the master´s program Marine Geosciences.

How is confidentiality and data protection ensured?

The aptitude test proceeds entirely via our password-protected and program-controlled online test platform, where you register, download your (randomized) test version, upload your test-specific answers, and obtain your test score certificate. Test scores remain confidential and are exclusively used for admission purposes in the current year and deleted thereafter. Registration data and test scores will never be disclosed to other sides or used in other contexts. Do not share or disseminate your test forms and upload your answers only in the prescribed password-protected procedure to our test website.

What is the range of topics in this aptitude test?

You will obtain 10 short assignments from geoscientific practice in English language. Each assignment is worth 10 points and stands for a geoscientific discipline: geology, sedimentology, petrology, mineralogy, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrogeology, plate tectonics, coastal and marine geosciences. You will also need to analyze data plots, maps and images, understand provided literature, and find internet information. As we do not expect candidates to have basic competences in all these disciplines, a cumulative score of 35 points in 7 assignments (i.e. 50%) is enough to pass. While a total score of 100 points could theoretically be obtained, only the points of the seven best solved assignments are added, reducing the "effective" high-score to 70 points.

How are the test assignments structured and how do I answer them?

All test assignments include various numerically randomized elements. Each test version is therefore unique in terms of its input parameters and correct solutions. Each assignment yields 10 points for 4-10 related answers of varying complexity, to be returned as numerical values, geoscientific terms, or multiple choice answers. To solve the test, you will need your BSc study knowledge, introductory text books or reliable internet information, a PC or electronic calculator, pen, paper and ruler. None of the assignments requires specialized software or programming skills. Every assignment question has a corresponding answer box in the digital answer form, that you successively complete and upload after finalization. Both, the test and the answer file, are provided as regular Adobe Acrobat pdf documents.

How is the aptitude test organized and timed?

To participate in this test, you must first create a user account at our university´s MOIN website, where you obtain the applicant ID needed to connect your personal test score with your MSc program application. With this ID, your email address and some further details, you can register at our aptitude test site and arrange a password. After having confirmed our return email, you will receive a personal test code, which allows to download one single test version per person and year at any moment of your choice. As the download time will be protocolled and uploading the respective answer file is only possible within 72 hours thereafter, you should only download your test, when you have sufficient time in the following 3 days to process all (or at least seven) of the assignments.

When can you take the aptitude test?

Registration and download of the personal test version is possible at any time from 07.12.2022, 12:00 noon, until 24.2.2023, 24:00. The upload window will therefore close on 27.2.2023, 24:00. For a MSc degree program starting with the winter semester 2023/24, the test certificate must be uploaded to the MOIN portal no later than 2/28/2023, 12:00 noon. For advanced students with enrollment for summer semester 2023, the download must be done by 11.1.2023, 24:00, the upload by 14.1.2023, 24:00, and the complete application in the MOIN portal by 15.1.2023, 12:00 noon. Between 22.12.2022 and 2.1.2023, no queries and verifications can be made, but an automated test operation remains guaranteed.

How is the test evaluated and certified?

Uploading your completed answer file to our test portal is only possible once within the 72 hour return period and hence final. Take this decision therefore with care! Your evaluation sheet will be automatically generated by matching your answers with a solution file available for your specific test version, taking tolerances into account. A detailed test certificate should then be emailed to you within short. Remember that you must upload the test certificate to MOIN portal before the application deadline on Feb. 28., 12:00 noon.