05-BMG-ME1 From Atoms to Minerals - Mineralogy and Crystallography

Representative Ella Schmidt

Learning Contents:

Basic concepts of mineralogy and crystallography; introduction to mineral systematics; overview of important analytical methods for materials and minerals.

Learning Outcomes, Targeted Competencies:

Students understand crystalline matter, e.g. minerals from the atomic to macroscopic scales.
Students have acquired knowledge of mineral systematics and are capable of identifying macroscopically important minerals such as rock forming silicates.
Students know the main methods and phenomena of materials analyses.
Students recognize the main concepts of mineral formation/degradation, that are critical for material- and geosciences.

Course Type 1: Lecture (L) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Course Type 2: Exercise (E) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Tutorial(s): -


56.0 h presence time
84.0 h self-study
40.0 h exam workload

180 h total workload

Exam Type:

module exam


exam elements: 1
SL: 0

100 % written exam


1) presented slides
2) Okrusch/Frimmel, Mineralogy, Springer
3) Borchardt-Ott/Gould, Crystallography: An introduction, Springer