From Atoms to Minerals - Mineralogy and Crystallography: Lecture

Lecturers: Simone Kasemann, Gustavo Macedo de Paula Santos, Ella Schmidt


The course provides a foundation, i.e., important basic knowledge in mineralogy and crystallography that may be deepened and extended in advanced courses. This knowledge will also provide a basis for petrology and geology. Content of the course will be a combination of basics in mineralogy with a special focus on the systematics and properties of minerals, with (geometric) crystallography, and crystal chemistry and physics. Additionally, the course will provide a first overview of analytical methods and tools for the classification of minerals.


• Knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts in mineralogy and crystallography
• first knowledge and capabilities to classify minerals
• students will be able to sort minerals into classes of minerals
• first knowledge in symmetry determination of crystals
• students will be able to sort crystals into classes of crystals


written exam (potentially electronic exam)

Exam Form:



Mineralogy: 1. Putnis, Andrew: An Introduction to Mineral Sciences, Cambridge Univ. Press, ISBN-13: 978-0521429474, ISBN-10: 9780521429474;
2. additional literature will be announced at the start of the course/semester.

Crystallography: 1. to be announced


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