05-BGW-GS1 Digital Competences

Representative Tilo von Dobeneck

Learning Contents:

This computer skills module provides all students with an obligatory organisational framework, which is flexible in terms of topics and time, allowing them to safely learn the theory and practice of the digital data processing methods commonly used in geostudies as well as in typical geoscientific professions. Our wide range of topic-specific computer courses uses industry-standard software and a variety of geoscientific data examples to impart essential IT skills, e.g. in spreadsheet calculation, programming, computer graphics and geoinformation. To fulfill this module, all successfully completed block courses up to 6 CP will be credited.

Learning Outcomes, Targeted Competencies:

1) develop individual solution strategies for tasks in geoscientific data processing and successfully implement them using suitable software
2) numerically and logically process, statistically analyze and graphically display geoscientific data by means of own EXCEL and MATLAB programming
3) create construction- and data-based diagrams and maps in publication quality with specialized graphics software (COREL, GRAPHER, SURFER, QGIS, GMT)
4) competent use of computer hardware and application software, digital measuring instruments, databases, digital media and services (e.g. learning platforms)

Prior Knowledge:

Grundlagen der Logik, Algebra, Analysis, Statistik, Numerischen Mathematik, Geometrie und Kartographie

Course Type 1: block course (BK) 6.0 SWS ( 84.0 h)

Tutorial(s): -


84.0 h presence time
56.0 h self-study
40.0 h exam workload

180 h total workload

Exam Type:

module exam


exam elements: 0
SL: 1

0 % Portfolio

Das Modul muss bestanden werden. Es ist ein Set an Kursaufgaben einzureichen.


1) Eigene Kursunterlagen und Übungsdateien "EXCEL für Geos" #1 - #6 (Download Stud.IP)
2) Eigene Kursunterlagen (Download Stud.IP) und Online-Tutorials für COREL, GRAPHER, SURFER, GMT, Matlab, Python
3) Literatur und Kursunterlagen für GIS