Echosounding training on board RV Polarstern (16-24 Oct 2023)

Lecturers: Walter Geibert, Frank Niessen


The Helmholtz Graduate School for Polar and Marine Research (POLMAR) at AWI and the University of Bremen/Department of Geosciences jointly offer a training cruise with RV Polarstern.
The aim of the cruise is to train participants for self-efficient operation of the echosoundings systems of RV Polarstern (this includes the hull-mount Parasound system P-70 and Hydrosweep). The training programme comprises lectures, introduction to the hydrosweep and parasound systems, supporting the regular watches as well as students’ presentations. Students will work in pairs of two in 4 hour-shifts (twice per day). Participants might be asked to serve as technical assistants on other cruises.


- self-efficient operation of the echosounding systems of RV Polarstern,
- data acquisition with Atlas Hydromap Control (AHC) and Atlas Parastore
- data processing using software packages CARIS HIPS and SIPS®
- visualisation of data with QPS Fledermaus®
- import of processed data into GIS for map generation


work on board, report

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