Coastal dynamics

Lecturers: Alexander Bartholomä, Dierk Hebbeln


- Introduction to Coastal Dynamics: purposes and aims
- Preparation of survey reports
- Multibeam bathymetric surveys
- Side-scan sonar surveys
- Acoustic seabed classification
- Sub-bottom profiling: boomer surveys
- Current measurements: ADCP surveys
- Sampling methods and procedures
- Environmental survey with RV “Senckenberg” in Jade Bay
- Post-processing, evaluation and report compilation


The course focuses on processes-response mechanisms responsible for the generation, maintenance and dynamics of typical coastal and nearshore depositional systems, including modern methods of data collection, quantitative data evaluation and visualization.


The participants in the course prepare a comprehensive survey report on the basis of the data. This report is evaluated by the lecturers and notes are given for both communal and individual chapters. The final note is the average of the communal and individual notes.

Exam Form:



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