River and Coastal Management

Lecturers: Kay Hamer, Alice Lefebvre


This course covers the various coastal engineering techniques related to coastal erosion, rising sea levels, flooding, beach protection and sand flushing, deepening of harbours and channels, and sand extraction, and highlights the consequences of these measures in terms of sediment dynamics and ecosystem. The complex interaction between processes (river and tidal currents, waves), sediment transport and morphology, as well as their modification by human actions, is examined. The basics of toxicology, pollutant sources, distribution of nutrients and pollutants in the marine environment, assessment of sediments and sediment management for harbour and fairway maintenance are also presented.


1) Understand coastal protection methods and their impact on sedimentary processes and ecosystems
2) Master the independent analysis and presentation of a case study on river and coastal management
3) Overview the type and extent of anthropogenic interventions in the sediment regime through fairway maintenance
4) Understand the transport of nutrients and pollutants and master the estimation and assessment of their distribution in environmental compartments


Presentation and paper-based exam

Exam Form:

Presentation with written elaboration


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