International Master Program Marine Geosciences (In English)

The internationally oriented postgraduate study program Master of Science "Marine Geosciences" promotes the latest state of marine geosciences and technology. It enables graduates to create and critically assess scientific results and to plan, carry out and evaluate ship and laboratory projects on their own responsibility. Emphasis is placed on current marine and climate issues, which are under investigation by the federal marine research institutions in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The interdisciplinary character of marine geosciences is mirrored by a topic-centred course structure. The courses strongly emphasize the understanding and modelling of processes and dynamics in natural systems. The multidisciplinary nature of marine geoscientific research, the application of up-to-date scientific instruments and computer software play an important role in teaching methods and topics.


  • Bachelor (or equivalent degree) in a geoscientific major
  • English knowledge on the level C 1 (language of instruction)
  • at least 1/3 of the bachelor credit points or courses in geosciences
  • at least 1/6 of the bachelor credit points or courses in maths, physics, chemistry and/or biology
  • capacity to work both independently and as part of a team
  • capability for partly strenous field trips
  • safe handling with IT
  • intercultural competence (fellows will come from allover the world!)

Career perspectives

With their scientific, technical and vocational skills, graduates are excellently prepared for a variety of jobs:

  • Marine geoscientific research at universities, research centres or authorities
  • Coastal management (water management, coastal protection, monitoring of sediment movements etc.)
  • Exploration and exploitation of resources (oil, gas, ore, building materials) off shore or at sea
  • Consulting on coastal or marine engineering projects such as harbour construction or the set up of off-shore wind power farms
  • Public relation management for companies and institutions
  • Science writing, museums and discovery tourism
  • Science management at (inter)national level
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