Single Crystal Diffraction

Lecturers: Johannes Birkenstock


- Preparation of single crystal holders suitable for use with modern single-crystal diffractometers
- Selection and preparation of a single crystal (typical size 100 µm) for data collection
- Operation of a modern single-crystal X-ray diffractometer
- Determination of the orientation matrix (also "UB matrix") and of the unit cell of the crystal
- evaluation of data quality
- collection of high-quality data
- Intensity integration
- Data reduction incl. absorption correction
- Evaluation of reflection conditions and space group determination


The students will be able to design and to perform single-crystal experiments including pre-characterization, preparation, data collection and data reduction.
The result of this course will be used in the crystal structure analysis practical included in the other course of this module "Crystal Structure Analysis and Crystal Chemistry".


usually oral exam, in rare cases written exam

Exam Form:

mündliche Prüfung


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