05-MMG-GP1 Geoscientific Project

Representative Tilo von Dobeneck

Learning Contents:

In this module, students shall develop attractive geoscientific project ideas individually or in small teams, which they subsequently realize over 10-12 weeks time, document in a written report, and present in an oral colloquium presentation. Among possible project forms are e.g. mapping and field projects, technical and method developments, school, public, and media projects, as well as geoscientific engagements at companies, authorities and organizations. Participants independently establish contacts with potential project partners and supervisors, acquire new professional and management competences, demonstrate creativity and organization skills, and widen their horizons and career options.

Learning Outcomes, Targeted Competencies:

1) Design, realize, document and present a professional geoscientific project following own conceptions or agreements with project partners
2) Establish contacts and cooperations with companies, authorities, organisations or research institutions in Germany or abroad
3) Develop new competences in scientific methods, project design and planning, decision-making, communication and management, that are beneficial for later career
4) Gain insights into the project scenarios of fellow students and learn from their experiences by participating in several of the five yearly project report colloquia

Course Type 1: Project Exercise (PE) 0.5 SWS ( 10.0 h)

Tutorial(s): -


10.0 h presence time
400.0 h self-study
40.0 h exam workload

450 h total workload

Exam Type:

combination exam


exam elements: 2
SL: 0

50 % project exercise report
50 % presentation


1) Guidelines on the realization of the „Geoscientific Project“ for the master programs „Geosciences“ and „Marine Geosciences“, Faculty of Geosciences, University of Bremen

more information:

Semiannual information events on project module requirements and individual consultations regarding project ideas, written application and approval of project at exam office