05-MMG-PD1 Advanced Digital Competences

Representative Katrin Huhn-Frehers

Learning Contents:

This module offers for all master students a flexible organizational framework to aquire competences in advanced methods of digital data processing and programming in theory and practice. A wide range of subject-specific computer courses (mostly block courses) is offered e.g. numerical modelling, MATLAB introduction and application, times series analysis, GMT, etc. Furthermore, individual data / modelling projects related to actual research are possible on request. In order to fulfill this module, an equivalent of 6 CP has to be successfully completed.

Learning Outcomes, Targeted Competencies:

1) develop individual solution strategies for tasks of geoscientific data processing and implement them successfully by means of suitable software
2) analyse and apply geoscientific data with given tools and techniques
3) develop a numerical model to simulate a specific geoscientific processes (e.g. sediment transport, tectonics, geodynamics, etc.)
4) competent use of computer hardware and application software

Course Type 1: block course (BK) 5.0 SWS ( 70.0 h)

Tutorial(s): -


70.0 h presence time
65.0 h self-study
45.0 h exam workload

180 h total workload

Exam Type:

combination exam


exam elements: 2
SL: 0

50 % processing of tasks
50 % processing of tasks
0 % processing of tasks


will be announced during the courses