Marine Ecosystems

Lecturers: Stefan Mulitza


This course introduces the main processes and systems from which the marine environment is formed, from estuaries to the deep sea and from the tropics to polar regions. Concepts and tools are introduced that can be used to reconstruct the marine environment from the geological record.


The students will be able to (1) understand, select and apply the most useful tools for the reconstruction of specific marine environments, and to (2) identify potential pitfalls in the use of marine (paleo-) environmental indicators.


Modul exam (written) on selected topics out of all courses

Exam Form:



Kaiser et al. (2005) Marine Ecology – Processes, Systems, Impacts, Oxford University Press. Further reading is provided during each individual lecture/exercise.


1st SWS: Introductio, primary production, decomposition
2nd SWS: Estuaries, rocky and sandy shores
3rd SWS: Pelagic ecosystems I
4th SWS: Pelagic ecosystems II
5th SWS: Deep sea
6th SWS: Coral reefs
7th SWS: Polar regions
8th SWS:
9th SWS:
10th SWS:
11th SWS:
12th SWS:
13th SWS:
14th SWS: