Numerical Modelling Techniques(DEM; FEM)

Lecturers: Katrin Huhn-Frehers


The course focuses on application and introduction into modern numerical simulation software packages used in different geoscientific fields.

Different geoscientific processes are simulated, analysed and interpret.


- application of FEM software packages: FLAC and/or COMSOL
- application of granular codes: PFC2D and/or PFC3D


The participants in the course develop a numerical model to simulate a specific geoscientific process (e.g. sediment transport process, tectonic process, geodynamic process, etc.). The specific geodynamic background, model settings, configurations and interpretations will be documented in a short oral presentation. This presentation will be evaluated by the lecturers. The final note is the average of both – the model development and the individual presentation.

Exam Form:



1) Own course material and exercise files
2) Online help for the individual software packages


1st Day: Introoduction into numerical modelling; theoretical background: continuums model approach vs. granular modelling approach
2nd Day: Introduction into FLAC and PFC software package
3rd Day: Individual excersises using online tutorials
4th Day: Own model setup and model calculation
5th Day: Own model setup and model calculation
6th Day: Presentation of own results
7th Day:
8th Day:
9th Day:
10th Day:
11th Day:
12th Day:
13th Day:
14th Day:

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