Research Focus Applied Geology

Faculty of Geosciences, MARUM and Associated Members

The broad field of Applied Geology implements findings of the fundamental research into solutions to the technical problems and social needs of the present. Classically, Applied Geology deals with the exploitation of earth materials in the broadest sense (e.g. water, earth, combustibles, ores, minerals) and the geological safeguarding of engineering projects (e.g. buildings, infrastructure, installations). Increasingly important are aspects of environmental protection around all impacts of human activity to recognize and minimize impact and to actively participate in the development of CO2 neutral energy sources. The Applied Geology helps to detect and mitigate the societies exposure to natural risks (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis, sea level, flooding) and to identify and develop appropriate recommendations and technical systems to avoid any damage. Key aspects of operations in applied geology are exploring, mapping and monitoring with the aim of assessing and quantifying. Major contributions of our faculty to the field of applied geology concern hydrogeology, engineering geology, geotechnology, mineralogy and crystallography.

Research Groups and their Core Areas