Coastal Processes and Engineering

Veranstalter: Alice Lefebvre

Ansprechpartner: Alice Lefebvre


This course will focus on the interaction between the hydrodynamic processes (specifically waves and tides), the transport of sediment and the resulting shape of the coast. Wave-, tide- and river-dominated coastal environments, how they are shaped and evolve will be discussed. The influence of sea level variations and anthropogenic activities on the coast are also studied. The course reflects on the dynamic nature of the coastal environment against the needs for stability and resources of human occupation. The course is given in English.


The students will have a basic knowledge of coastal geomorphology, tides and waves. They will have learnt about coastal protection techniques. They will practice preparing and giving seminars.


The grade will largely reflect the quality of the oral presentation, but also how the student contributes to discussion of the other presentations.




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