05-BMG-GC1 Geochemical Processes and Isotope Geochemistry

Representative Simone Kasemann


The module focuses on methods and research in geochemistry. The range of topics is extended by geochemical processes, material cycles and the application in isotope geochemistry. In the respective courses, the important role of microbial processes on geochemical cycles and their associated isotope effects are illustrated. The lectures are complemented by practical exercises.

Lernergebnisse, angestrebte Kompetenzen:

1) The students will understand the basic methods and applications of radioactive and stable isotopes in Earth and Ocean Sciences
2) Students will have solid knowledge of the isotope geochemical methods to reconstruct environmental changes
3) Students will have an understanding of the gas composition in the atmosphere, the hydrological cycle or processes in the ocean and sediments
4) Students will have a sound knowledge of transport and reaction processes like diffusion, advection, formation and degradation of organic matter or the release of fluids and gases from the seabed

Kursform 1: Vorlesung, Übung (V+Ü) 3.0 SWS ( 42.0 h)

Kursform 2: Vorlesung, Übung (V+Ü) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Tutorium: -


70.0 h Präsenzeiten
70.0 h Selbststudium
40.0 h Prüfungsaufwand

180 h Gesamter Workload




Prüfungsleistungen: 1
Studienleistungen: 0

100 % Klausur


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2) Dickin A.P., "Radiogenic Isotope Geology" Cambridge University Press
3) Schulz, H.D. and Zabel, M., "Marine Geochemistry" Springer