05-BGW-GD2 Seismology and Geomagnetism

Beauftragte/r Tilo von Dobeneck


The seismology course conveys the theory of seismic wavefields to derive their properties and propagation through the layered Earth. The source parameters of earthquakes (hypocentre, magnitude and source mechanisms) will be determined from seismograms. Seismic catalogues will be used to analyse seismicity in different geological regimes.
The geomagnetism course first introduces discovery, phenomenology and usage of the geometry and temporal variation of the Earth´s magnetic field. We then develop a conceptual physical understanding of magnetohydrodynamic processes occuring in the Earth´s core, magnetosphere and ionosphere, in the sun and in the solar system.

Lernergebnisse, angestrebte Kompetenzen:

1) comprehend and apply the properties and the propagation of seismic wave fields emitted by earthquakes
2) locate the hypocentre of an earthquake, calculate its magnitude, determine the focal mechanism and use earthquake catalogues
3) understand the complex physical conditions and processes from the core to the magnetosphere and solar system that generate and permanently vary the geomagnetic field
4) measure and calculate main field geometry, perform magnetostratigraphic dating, and analyze geodynamo model results and short-term field variations (space weather)


Grundlagen Angewandte Geophysik / Principles of Applied Geophysics

Kursform 1: Vorlesung, Übung (V+Ü) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Kursform 2: Vorlesung, Übung (V+Ü) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Tutorium: -


56.0 h Präsenzeiten
84.0 h Selbststudium
40.0 h Prüfungsaufwand

180 h Gesamter Workload




Prüfungsleistungen: 2
Studienleistungen: 0

70 % mündliche Prüfung
30 % Portfolio (Prüfungsmappe)

Course work portfolio including figure & formula sheet on individual in-depth exam topic is presented at exam


1) Lowrie, 2007. Fundamentals of geophysics, Cambridge University Press
2) Stein and Wysession, 2003. An introduction to seismology, earthquakes, and earth structure, Blackwell Publishing
3) Merrill, McElhinny & McFadden, 1998. The Magnetic Field of the Earth - Paleomagnetism, the Core and the Deep Mantle, Academic Press
4) Lecture scripts und special publications made available in Stud.IP