05-BGW-EG2 Material Properties and Structural Imaging

Beauftragte/r Volkhard Spieß


The course introduces the basic physical properties of geomaterials, their measurement in the laboratory and in the borehole, so that this information can later be used to characterize rocks and to support seismic data interpretation. Exercise is carried out on typical scientific drilling datasets (e.g. IODP). The aim of the course is to introduce seismic data processing in theory and practice. Each participant processes his own seismic profiles (preferably from the ALKOR expedition) and interprets them with the help of additional information (regional drilling / CPTs or regional sediment physical data sets). Results are summarized in a report and evaluated as a module examination.

Lernergebnisse, angestrebte Kompetenzen:

1) material properties and the measurement in lab and borehole
2) handling scientific databases (JANUS, BRG LDEO) using web interfaces and Excel
3) seismic data processing (VISTA seismic data processing software)
4) seismic interpretationn (KINGDOM seismic data interpretation software)


Marine Geophysics

Kursform 1: Vorlesung, Übung, Seminar (V+Ü+S) 2.0 SWS ( 28.0 h)

Kursform 2: Laborpraktikum (LP) 3.0 SWS ( 42.0 h)

Tutorium: -


70.0 h Präsenzeiten
70.0 h Selbststudium
40.0 h Prüfungsaufwand

180 h Gesamter Workload




Prüfungsleistungen: 1
Studienleistungen: 0

100 % Hausarbeit

assignment with two parts:
1) Processing of seismic data, interpretation, ground truthing
2) Sediment physics, rock physics, downhole logging, borehole geology


Will be provided during the course.