05-BGW-EG1 Marine Geophysics

Beauftragte/r Tilmann Schwenk


Within this module the broad spectrum of marine geophysical measurements and the interpretation of data in marine geological context will be taught. Contents of the course are the technical basics of data aquisition in the fields of navigation, bathymetry, side-scan sonar, multichannel seismic (reflection and refraction), marine magnetics and gravimetry. Data examples from recent research will be introduced, and analysis of the data will be trained. Taught principles will be applied in exercises during the course and at home. The students will present the results of an interpretation of a small data package as scientific poster.

Lernergebnisse, angestrebte Kompetenzen:

1) know the technical basics of marine geophysical measurements
2) analyse and describe marine geophysical data using the correct terminology
3) interpret marine geophysical data in a marine geological context
4) create and present a poster


Grundlagen Angewandte Geophysik / Principles of Applied Geophysics

Kursform 1: Vorlesung, Übung, Seminar (V+Ü+S) 4.0 SWS ( 56.0 h)

Tutorium: -


56.0 h Präsenzeiten
28.0 h Selbststudium
96.0 h Prüfungsaufwand

180 h Gesamter Workload




Prüfungsleistungen: 2
Studienleistungen: 0

50 % Hausarbeit
50 % Poster


1) Fundamentals of geophysics / William Lowrie¸ Cambridge Univ. Press
2) Applied geophysics / W. M. Telford; L. P. Geldart; R. E. Sheriff, Cambridge Univ. Press
3) Acquisition and processing of marine seismic data / D. Dondurur, Elsevier 2018,
4) Marine geophysics / E. J. W. Jones, Wiley