Aquatic Geochemistry

Veranstalter: Matthias Zabel


The content of this module serves the practical and theoretical implementation of the knowledge gained in modules 1&2 (05-BMG-GC1: Geochemical Processes and Isotope Geochemistry).
An important learning objective is to consider concrete questions in their entire context in order to a) select or apply the most promising methods for successful processing and b) consider potentially influencing boundary parameters when interpreting measurement data. The processing of the set tasks takes place in guided small groups.


Learning outcomes, targeted competencies:
1) Conception of an own field study
2) Conduct of this study in the field (sampling and initial measurements)
3) Laboratory experiments, analyses in the laboratory and model-based recording of the results
4) Presentation, discussion and documentation of the results achieved


Evaluated is the active participation (the demonstrated competence in planning and conducting the investigations in the field and in the laboratory) as well as the presentation of results and quality of the written project report.

As this is a project internship, attendance at the joint appointments (preliminary meeting, field studies, laboratory work, discussion of results, presentation) is compulsory!




1) Schulz, H.D. and Zabel, M., "Marine Geochemistry" Springer
2) Burdige, D.J., "Geochemistry of Marine Sediments" Princeton
3) Sarmiento, J.L. and Gruber, N., "Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics"


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