Geochemical Cycles and Processes: The Present View

Veranstalter: Michael Schlüter


The course provides an introduction to the chemical reactions and processes in aquatic geosystems and introduces the most important material cycles (e.g. of C, N, S, Fe, Mn). The range of topics includes: global element cycles, residence times of elements in the ocean, geochemical reactions such as redox reactions, solution / precipitation reactions, adsorption / desorption, thermodynamics, kinetics, diagenesis, diffusive material flows.
The course consists of lectures and exercises, in which the theoretical basics are first conveyed and this content is then to be applied or understood in subsequent practical exercises on the computer.


After completing the course, the students are able to understand and investigate (environmental) geochemical processes and material cycles - including their complex interactions - and to calculate and quantify a wide variety of geochemical reactions using the range of methods learned.






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