Sedimentology of Carbonate Shelves and Coasts

Veranstalter: Karl-Heinz Baumann, André Freiwald


This course focuses on shallow-marine carbonate environments, including carbonate platforms, reefs, sub-tidal shelf carbonates and peritidal carbonates. It provides an overview of the processes that control carbonate production in shallow-marine environments (temperature, turbidity, waves, tides, sea level…), with examples from the geological record, experiments and also related to present global warming. Lectures will be combined with practical exercises that will consist in the identification of carbonate environments by analysing carbonate microfacies.


- Identify the factors controlling carbonate production in shallow-marine environments
- Understand how reefs react to sea-level and environmental changes
- Recognise carbonate environments from microfacies analysis


50% of the module exam




1) Tucker, M.E., and Wright, V.P., 1990. Carbonate Sedimentology. Blackwell, Oxford. 482 p
2) Scholle, P.A., Bebout, D.G., Moore, C.H. (Eds.), 1983. Carbonate Depositional Environments. AAPG Memoir 33. 708 p
3) Flügel, E., 2004. Microfacies of Carbonate Rocks. Springer, Berlin. 976pp. (ISBN 3-540-22016-X)


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