Siliciclastic Coastal and Shelf Depositional Systems

Veranstalter: Marcello Gugliotta


This course focuses on siliciclastic sedimentary depositional systems in coasts and shelves. It provides an overview of the processes that control sedimentation in transitional and shallow-marine environments (accommodation space, sediment supply, climate, waves, currents, etc.), and their characteristic lithofacies. Depositional systems at the transition between land and ocean will be presented (e.g. deltas, beaches, estuaries, ice streams/shelves…). The course also introduces concepts of seismic and sequence stratigraphic methods allowing the reconstruction of sedimentary margin evolution, including sea-level changes. Lectures will be combined with hands-on exercises dealing with the identification of depositional environments by using different geoscientific methods (e.g. bathymetric/seismic data, sediment cores, well-logs).


-Recognise clastic depositional systems from their lithofacies characteristics and sedimentary architecture
-Identify the processes at the origin of clastic depositional systems
-Understand the factors controlling sedimentation in transitional and shallow-marine environments


50% of the module exam




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