Cooperation Professorship Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven

Geoscientic Paleoclimatology

Prof. Dr. Ralf Tiedemann

1986 Diploma in Geology-Paleontology;
1991 PhD University of Kiel

1991-1993 University of Kiel
1993-2005 GEOMAR-Reserarch Centre,Kiel

since 2005 Professor in Bremen und Head of Marine at Geology Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Research areas
Instability of the Antarctic ice sheet and atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions of the recent history of the earth

We reconstruct the natural climate variability in the polar and subpolar regions and its impact on environmental change, atmospheric-oceanic circulation and the matter cycle for the time period of the last 5 million years. Thereby, we focus our research on duration, speed, frequency and regional patterns of long- and short-term climate variability, as well as on forcing- and feedback-mechanisms in order to improve our understanding of climate processes.

Working Area

Arctic Ocean, North Pacific, Bering Sea, Southern Ocean, Sea of Okhotsk


Sampling of marine climate archives; geochemical, sedimentological and micropaleontological investigations to characterize the environmental conditions of life


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