Cooperation Professorship: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven

Polar and Marine Seismology

Prof. Dr. Vera Schlindwein

1994 Diploma Geoophysics LMU München
1998 PhD Geophysics University of Bremen
2013 Habilitation Geophysics University of Bremen

1995-1998 AWI Bremerhaven
1998-2000 University of Durham, UK 2000-2003 Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Hanover
Since 2003 AWI
Emmy-Noether Junior Research Group 2006-2014

Professor University of Bremen since 2021

Research Areas
Seismicity of mid-ocean ridges and hydrothermal systems; icequakes and earthquakes in polar regions

Our research focusses on earthquakes and icequakes in the polar regions. With networks of seismometers we record the smallest ground vibrations of the polar seafloor and of ice bodies. Earthquakes along the mid-ocean ridge system of the Arctic Ocean tell us how its abnormal lithosphere is formed, accompanied by vigorous submarine volcanism and intensive hydrothermal activity. Simultaneously, our seismometers feel the environmental changes in the polar oceans like the effects of wave action and sea ice formation, of decaying icebergs and of ocean currents and ship traffic. On land, we study icequake activity to understand the stress regime and dynamics of ice bodies like the Antarctic ice shelves or Greenland´s ice streams.

Working Area

Mid-ocean ridges of the polar oceans, Northeast Greenland, Antarctica


We use continuous records of ground motion by seismometers that have been especially adapted to operate on the seafloor of ice-covered oceans and on ice surfaces. Seismograms are analysed with classic and modern processing methods of passive seismology. In addition, we use other geophysical datasets for a comprehensive interpretation of seismicity.


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