Cooperation Professorship Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven

Glaciology Ice Modeling

Prof. Dr. Angelika Humbert

Study of physics at the TU Darmstadt
2005 PhD in Darmstadt

2000-2007 TU Darmstadt
2008-2009 WWU Münster
2010-2012 Professor of Glaciology, Cluster of Excellence University of Hamburg

since 2012 professor in Bremen and head of ice modeling at the Alfred Wegener Institut

Research areas
Modeling and simulations of ice sheets, investigation of processes

Ice modeling is concerned with the dynamics and stability of ice sheets, ice shelves and glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. This field of research focuses on ice mechanics, to model polar ice masses, and the interaction between ice and the climate system: How fast do the ice sheets react on climate change? What is the role of subglacial water for sliding of ice on ground? The future contribution of ice sheets to sea level change is one of the key questions, which we study using simulations. Here we aim to reduce the uncertainties of ice models.

Working Area

Ice sheets of Antarctic and Greenland, and their ice streams and outlet glaciers, as well as ice shelves


We use and develop thermomechanical models, e.g. in viscolelastic rheology, of ice masses. These boundary value problems are solved numerically. These ice models are extended by hydrological models that simulate the effect of melt water on ice sheets. In collaboration with observational glaciology, we work on the representation of glaciological processes and assess current changes of polar ice masses.


Telefon +49 471 4831 - 1834