Graduate Dean GLOMAR

Marine Geology

Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln

1988 Diplom Geologie/Paläontologie, Universität Bremen; 1991 Promotion Universität Bremen, 2002 Habilitation Universität Bremen

Anstellungen/ Aufenthalte:
seit 1988 Universität Bremen, seit 2006 Professor in Bremen, seit 2006 Direktor der Internationalen Bremer Graduiertenschule für Meereswissenschaften (GLOMAR)

Sedimentationsprozesse an Ozeanrändern, Paläozeanographie im Quartär, Funktionalität und Langzeitentwicklung von Kaltwasserkorallen-Ökosystemen

Ocean margins – from the deep sea to the coast – are in the focus of our research activities. The spectrum covered reaches from sedimentation processes via cold-water coral ecosystems to the reconstruction of marine environmental conditions in the past (paleoceanography). To describe and - more important - to understand past climate and environmental changes, we follow a broad approach, not only using marine sediments as paleoarchives, but also to include the relevant sedimentation processes that finally form these archives. In a similar way, we investigate cold-water coral ecosystems, focusing on their present-day functioning and on their long-term development.

Working Area

Paleoceanography in upwelling regions (SE-Pacific, E Indian Ocean); in the Arctic and around cold-water coral ecosystems (Atlantic); structure and development of cold-water coral ecosystems (Atlantic), sedimentation processes (Atlantic)


Sampling of water column and sediments; facies analysis and sampling of cold-water coral reefs; use of manned submersibles and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs); hydrographic measurements; sedimentological, (micro-)paleontological and geochemical studies; dating; numerical modeling


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