Geochemistry and Hydrogeology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler

(Only in German)
1994 Master in Geologie, Colorado School of Mines, USA
1998 Promotion an der University of Ottawa, Kanada

1998-99 Postdoc an der University of Saskatchewan, Kanada; 1999-04 Assistant Professor und 2004-08 Associate Professor an der University of South Florida, USA; seit 2018 Adjunct Professor am Dartmouth College, USA.

Professor in Bremen seit 2008

Aquatische Geochemie, Biogeochemie, Hydrogeologie, Hydrothermale Systeme

The Department of Geochemistry and Hydrogeology is all about a better understanding of the geology and chemistry of water. In the dynamic web of interrelationships that arise when components of the global ecosystem interact, water arguably plays the most important role. It is importance is twofold in the sense that the water molecule is the basis for all life and secondly that chemical species, dissolved in water, can sustain, alter or terminate life. In the broadest sense our research interest is the holistic approach to the role of water-rock interaction and cycling of elements within the system Earth. Of particular interests are: (1) environmental studies about sustainable water quality, (2) source, transport and fate of contaminants in natural and anthropogenic systems and, (3) hydrothermal systems.

Working Area

Hydrothermal systems in shallow water and along mid-oceanic and back-arc ridges. Studies of of nutrients and toxins in groundwater world-wide.


Multi-disciplinary field, laboratory and modeling studies of hydrogeological and chemical processes. Trace element analyses and speciation in solid and liquid media by ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AFS and IC, as well as, laser spectroscopy (CRDS) for water isotopes.


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