Prof. Dr. Heiko Pälike

1994–1997 BA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
1997–1998 MSc Hydrogeology, University College London
1998–2002 PhD, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

2001–2002 Postdoc, Godwin Laboratory, University of Cambridge
2002–2004 Postdoc, Stockholm University
2004–2007 Lecturer, Ocean & Earth Science, University of Southampton
2007–2011 Reader, Ocean & Earth Science, University of Southampton
2011–2012 Professor, Ocean & Earth Science, University of Southampton
2012- Adjunct Professor, Ocean & Earth Science, University of Southampton

Professor in Bremen since 2012

Research Areas:
Palaeoceanography, Palaeoclimatology

Our group explores the climate history and oceanography during the Cenozoic (the past 66 Myr). We analyse sediment cores, particularly from the International Ocean Discovery Program. The sediment properties, microfossils and geochemical composition of these samples allow us to generate high-resolution climatic reconstructions. We research astronomically related climatic fluctuations that allow us to generate precise age models. We also conduct Earth System modeling studies, that allow us to put data from sediment cores into a global climatic context.

Working Area

Equatorial and subtropical Pacific and Arctic Ocean; Atlantic, Mediterranean and Antarctica


Our methods and materials consist of sediment cores. We analyse these sediments using non-destructive (e.g., XRF Core Scanning), and geochemical methods (stable isotope measurements of oxygen and carbon on species specific foraminifera samples, and bulk sediments). We apply modern time series analysis techniques and apply complex Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity to put the research data into a framework to deduce global conditions and sensitivities


Telefon +49 421 218 - 65980