Geo­sciences Collection

The Geosciences Collection houses material of the entire field of geosciences for research. It mainly comprises fossils, rocks, minerals and shells of recent molluscs. It goes back to the former geological-palaeontological collection of the Überseemuseum in Bremen, administrated since 1994 by the University of Bremen, more exactly the faculty of Geosciences. The specimens are recorded by cross-linked databases. The main focus palaeontology is enlarged by purchase, exchange and mainly by donations in kind and own excavations.

Since there is a historically grown core of specimens from the Überseemuseum in Bremen, assembled by scientists, traders and sailors, the collection is of significance with respect to cultural studies and the history of science. A large part of the palaeontological collection was collected at localities that are not accessible any more – a fact underlying its relevance.

A monthly meeting of amateur geologists, the Geosciences Working Group, is associated with occasional excursions. This meeting is also increasing the number of specimens in the collection as well as the booster club Friends of the Geosciences Collection (Freunde der Geowissenschaftlichen Sammlung der Universität Bremen e. V.). The latter is supporting the development of the collection in research and public relations. Specimens of the collection are used for research projects as well as well as for teaching at the university. Additionally they are used at schools, in the public and are presented in special exhibitions.