05-MAR-4-M Master Thesis


After the second semester, students are encouraged to start developing ideas for their master thesis, usually in close cooperation with one of the research groups at the Department of Geosciences or the cooperating Research Centers. During the research seminar in the third semester, the topic of the thesis work will be defined clearly. The forth semester is dedicated to thesis work. Supervised by a lecturer each student will perform an independent scientific study and prepare a written essay.

Students will have a time period of 22 weeks for the realisation of their thesis work. Such thesis work may be a field study, a laboratory experiment or a project outside the university, e.g. in collaboration with industry.

Students will deliver a copy of their thesis to the main examiner (usually the supervisor) and one co-examiner; three copies have to be submitted to the examining office. Examiners have a period of four weeks for their evaluation and grading of the thesis. In a final colloquium, the student has to present and defend his or her thesis. The duration of the colloquium will be 45 to 60 minutes. For successful completion of the Master thesis and the colloquium students earn 30 CP. A failed Master thesis may be repeated once only.

Learning Outcome

Students are able to develop a topic for their master thesis by attending to contemporary marine geoscientific issues. They have shown how to prepare and realize an independent scientific project including literature research, data preparation and interpretation, optional modelling and simulations, and finally the performance of the written essay.
Students show the ability to present and defend their results.


Knowledge from previous studies


about 900 h / 30 CP
Equivalent to 22 weeks full time engagement


module exam (combined marks):

master thesis75 %
colloquium25 %