05-MAR-2-E Marine Field and Lab Practice

Representatives: Torsten Bickert, Rüdiger Henrich


A broad spectrum and open spectrum of field - and offshore marine courses is offered. Integrated analysis includes sedimentology , paleoceanography, paleoecology, paleoclimatology and geophysics of the study areas including applied and exploration aspects.

Learning Outcome

Advanced training in the field and in offshore marine settings how to analyse and interpret marine environmental archives and paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic records, also including applied geotechnical and exploration aspects. Courses comprise combined lectures and excursions as well as integrated field campaigns and educational cruises.


Basic (paleo-) oceanographical, sedimentological and geophysical knowledge.


Total 360 hours / 12 CP

The candidates will select several courses from a spectrum exemplified below.


module exam (combined marks):

field trip report50 %
field trip report50 %