05-MAR-2-C12 Convergent Margin and Intra-Plate Processes

Representative: Wolfgang Bach


Geodynamics, focusing on the origin and consequences of mantle plumes and plate subduction. Using rock compositions as a guide to geodynamic cycling. Using geophysical methods in assessing plate cooling and subduction.

Learning Outcome

Accomplishing an advanced understanding of intra-plate and convergent margin processes, including seafloor subsidence, mantle plume dynamics, plate flexure, and subduction zone magmatic and geophysical processes. Ability to assess mass transfers between principle Earth reservoirs.


6CP = 180 hours
60 hours of course work in two classes (05M-MAR-2-C12-1 & 05M-MAR-2-C12-2)
30 hours for home work assignments in class 05M-MAR-2-C12-1
60 hours for home work assignments in class 05M-MAR-2-C12-2
8 hours for participation in a joint seminar (05M-MAR-2-C12-3)
22 hours for preparation of a seminar talk (05M-MAR-2-C12-3)


module exam (combined marks):

assignment50 %
assignment50 %