05-MAR-2-C11 Sedimentary Structures and Processes: Active Margins

Representatives: Katrin Huhn-Frehers, Achim Kopf


Based on fundamental geoscientific knowledge on subduction zones, we now focus on the interplay between tectonic, seismic activity and mass transport processes at active convergent margins. This module combines two main objectives: (1) to gain a deeper insight into mass transfer processes and their manifestations at active convergent margins and (2) to introduce numerical simulation techniques and to have the ability to develop numerical models for various mass transfer scenarios at continental margins.

Learning Outcome

Students will broaden and deepen their understanding of mass transfer processes at convergent margins from i.a. a geophysical, sedimentological, and geotechnical point of view. Furthermore, students will be able to incorparate geoscientific data into numerical models to simulate different geodynamic scenarios, geological situations and sediment transport processes.


Basic geophysical, sedimentological, geotechnical, and geodynamic knowledge; contents of module Sedimentary Structures and Processes: Shelves and Passive Margins


6 CP (180 h) / 5 SWS

- 36 h Presence in Sedimentary Structures and Processes
- 24 h Presence in Modelling of Sedimentation Processes and Tectonics
- 50 h Self-revision of lectures and additional, complementary material
- 40 h Preparation of the seminar talk
- 30 h Preparation of modelling tasks

Advance performance:
- Written exam (60%)
- Oral presentation of model (40%)


will be announced in the different courses