05-MAR-2-C10 Marine Resources and Geotechnology II

Representatives: Achim Kopf, Volkhard Spieß


Seminar talk (plus written handout), practical exercises

Learning Outcome

- to obtain a good overview on advanced geophysical methods
- to understand soil physics and its application to seafloor infrastructure
- to be introduced to state-of-the-art technology in offshore science


Contents of module Marine resources and geotechnology I


180 SWS / 6 CP

- 30 h presence in Advanced methods in marine geophysical exploration (2.5 SWS, 12 weeks)
- 30 h presence in Marine geotechnology (2.5 SWS, 12 weeks)
- 120 h homework and self-revision of the given and additional, complementary material (textbooks, regional papers, preparation of oral presentations, etc.)


module exam (combined marks):

seminar talk50 %
processing of tasks50 %


to be provided in the individual classes