05-MAR-2-C7 Climate Change II: Models and Data

Representatives: André Paul, Michael Schulz


- Reconstructions and modelling of millennial-scale climate variability during the last glacial cycle
- Overview of historical climate variations and predictions of future climate change

Learning Outcome

The students become familiar with the reconstructed climate variations for selected time intervals of the Cenozoic. They gain an understanding of the dynamics of abrupt climate changes and are enabled to assess the role of natural and anthropogenic climate variations in future climate change.


Contents of module Climate Change I: Fundamentals


6 CP (180 h) / 4 SWS

56 h lectures and practicals
80 h homework, self-revision of lectures and additional, complementary material (exercises, textbooks, etc.)
44 h study time for the final exam


module exam (one mark): oral exam


will be announced in the different courses