Zagros Mountains

Lecturers: Mahyar Mohtadi, Dierk Hebbeln

Contact: Mahyar Mohtadi


15-day field trip, September 25 – October 9 (± 2 days depending on the cheapest airfare)

Pre-field trip meeting: late January, will be announced later

Total costs: about 900 € (400 flight + 50 visa + 50 transport + 400 board and lodging). Subject to changes in the exchange rate of the Iranian currency (Rial).

This field trip focuses on
a) the mass extinction events in shallow marine environments at the Paleozoic-Mesozoic and Mesozoic-Cenozoic boundaries (Permian-Triassic and Cretaceous-Tertiary);
b) genesis and exploration of oil and gas, their source (Mid-Cretaceous to Early Miocene shells) and reservoir (Pliocene-Quaternary coarse sandstones) rocks, and ecological aspects;
c) genesis and tectonic of salt domes and diapirs; and
d) transport and deposition mechanisms in eolian system, formation and types of sand dunes and sandstones, ripple marks, salty crusts, etc.


The field trip will start with the THY-flight Bremen-Istanbul-Shiraz (1 day), followed by 1-day visit of the University of Shiraz and the geological gallery, 3-day trip to the oil fields and refineries near Gachsaran, 2-day trip to salt domes near Firuzabad and K-T boundary near Shiraz, and 1-day transfer (train) to Isfahan. Visiting the University of Isfahan (1 day) and the P-T boundary in Shahreza (1 day) is followed by a 3-day trip to a desert camp in Matinabad (Dasht-e-Kavir), a 1-day trip to another P-T boundary outcrop in Abadeh on the way back to Shiraz, and the return flight Shiraz-Istanbul-Bremen (1 day).


The students will gain knowledge on petroleum geology, formation and exploration of oil and gas, formation and tectonic of salt domes and salt diapirs, transport and deposition mechanisms in eolian systems, mass extinction events in Earth history.


Writing a report for particular days of the field trip, will be assigned at the end of the field trip.


field trip report


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