Application of numerical simulation techniques

Lecturers: Katrin Huhn-Frehers


- Introduction into FEM software package (e.g. Comsol Mutliphysics)
- Introduction into specific scientific simulation technique
- Modell generation
- Modell calculation
- Post-processing of model results
- Model interpretation
- Modell evaluation
- Presentation of results


The course focuses on application and introduction into modern numerical simulation software packages used in different geoscientific fields. Different geoscientific processes are simulated, analysed and interpret. Specific topics are selected in consultation with the students but processes introduced and discussed in the module “Sedimentary structures and processes: Active margins” are preferred.


The participants in the course develop a numerical model to simulate a specific geoscientific process (e.g. sediment transport process, tectonic process, geodynamic process, etc.). The specific geodynamic background, model settings, configurations and interpretations will be documented in a short oral presentation. This presentation will be evaluated by the lecturers. The final note is the average of both – the model development and the individual presentation.


seminar paper


- specific handbooks