Climate modes and events of the Phanerozoic

Lecturers: Gerhard Fischer, Jürgen Pätzold, André Paul


The field-trip and lecture is focused on long-term climate variability (1- and 2-order cycles) in the Phanerozoic, with a major focus on the marine global carbon cycle.The field trip refers to important global events/crisis/mass extinctions in the Phanerozoic as well. Potential causes for important climate changes and events will be discussed in the field. A four-day geological field trip to Northern Germany (Rhenohercynian of the E-Sauerland, S-Harz, Subhercynian Basin) will show important global bio-events and examples for warm climate modes of the Middle and Late Paleozoic and the Mesozoic.

4-day field trip: 8.-11. July 2019

pre-field-trip meeting and essay themes:
Thursday, 13 June (13-15:00) in 5020

total costs field trip in total about 140.- Euro (incl. 37.- for FB). to be payed until 26. April 2019 at the latest.

Students have to prepare a 5-page essay which they should present in a preliminary version (with 1-2 figures) during the field trip. The themes of the essay will be given prior to the field trip in an introduction lecture.


to study the long-term climate changes/cycles and their causes,
to study global (bio-) events
to show examples of warm and cool modes and important events with a special focus on oceanic anoxic events (field trip)


writing of a 5-page essay with a compilated summarizing figure, discussion of a first version of the essay during the field trip (with grade), final submission 26. July 2019




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additional reading:

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