Modelling of Sedimentation Processes and Tectonics

Lecturers: Katrin Huhn-Frehers


Large parts of the earth's surface are shaped by sediment transport processes which cover a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. In addition, surface processes are also directly connected to the tectonical situation, e.g. to subsidence behaviour. Thus, the internal built-up of continental margins mirrors the tectonical history as well as the geological situation during their evolution. Numerical simulation enable investigation of geological and geodynamic processes which control margin evolution over long time periods.


Students will gain a deeper insight into:
- classification and characterization of sediment transport processes;
- mathematical explanation and physical description of sediment transport mechanisms;
- fundamental knowledge in numerical simulation techniques (FDM, DEM) and analogue lab experiments.


Students will develop, interpret and analyse simplified numerical models of sediment transport processes and present their results in a seminar talk.


processing of tasks


will be distributed in class (e.g. research publications; hand-outs; book chapters; etc.)