Seismic and Acoustic Imaging of Sedimentary Structures

Lecturers: Volkhard Spieß, Tilmann Schwenk


ediment deposition on continental margins and in the deep sea creates complex structures, which can only be investigated by acoustic and seismic methods. The lecture presents advanced methods of data interpretation, two- and threedimensional imaging from echosounder to deep seismics and presents selected case studies from current GeoB research projects.


The students are trained in the selection of the suitable acoustic methods for studying different types of sedimentary structures.


Joint oral exam on module content (60%):
Oral exam (20 minutes per candidate, two examiners) covering all topics of all three courses of the module ("Sedimentology and ecology of shelves", "Seismic and acoustic imaging", "Sedimentary structures and processes of passive continental margins")

Practical exams (40%):
Oral presentation (20%) of a topic on "Seismic and acoustic imaging"


seminar talk


Marine Geophysics, E.J.W. Jones