Sedimentary Structures and Processes Active Continental Margins

Lecturers: Achim Kopf, Volkhard Spieß


Active continental margins are characterized by tectonic and seismic activity, by subduction processes and associated intense downslope mass movements. The lecture presents general geological information and geophysical data on sediment structures, deformational style, dewatering as provided by seismoacoustic and other survey data as well as static and dynamic sediment properties and geotechnical data. Special attention is given to geodynamics and how they affect global mass balances.


The aim is to broaden and deepen the understanding of mass transfer processes and their manifestations at active convergent margins. The students in this class will obtain a comprehensive overview of geodynamic processes leading to sedimentary patters/features, their identification in geophysical data sets, their significance in global geoprocesses, and how they appear in scientific literature.


Grades will reflect the quality of an oral presentation of a selected topic within the field of sedimentation and tectonics at active margins, but also how the student contributes to discussion.


written exam


to be distributed in class (largely research review articles and benchmark papers, plus some textbooks for background reading)