Continental Margin Resources

Lecturers: Achim Kopf, Wolfgang Bach


This combined lecture and exercise is focused on the genesis and distribution of continental margin resources, paying special attention to hydrocarbons. Other resources such as mineral deposits, sedimentary resources, etc. are also discussed. The course will introduce the geological and geophysical methods of exploration. The environmental and ecological consequences of the use of these resources and their economic importance will be discussed. In a seminar series, the general information given in the lectures will be applied to selected regions, and the occurrence of resources in these regions will be regarded in the light of their evolution in Earth history.


The student will have an overview knowledge on the types of resources at ocean margins and will apply that basic knowledge when doing regional research for the seminar series during the second part of the semester. During this phase of self-determined learning, each students carries out research on one continental margin area to identify resources and their relevance.


Seminar talk (plus optional written handout) on regional aspects; the contribution to discussions will also be reflected in the grade.


seminar talk


Selley (1998) Principles of petroleum geology
Regional papers on hydrocarbon and other resources (to be provided during the course)


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